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So here it is, the final mix of my song. In a couple more weeks I'm going on vacation and will crank out the next couple of songs I'm working on. Untill then, enjoy.
- Jesse -

Fabricated Son

Well It's About Time

2010-07-21 14:57:50 by sicjes

After many months of hard work, a PC crashing followed by lots of panick, and so much brain power drained...
I finally got a new song finished, polished and up and running. You better check it out, It will blow you away.
Enjoy the first track off of my up and coming solo project.

First Mix /349149

I Made a cartoon to share with the world!!!

2009-10-15 15:21:29 by sicjes

So check out my cool little cartoon. I hope you like. Lots more to come soon.

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2009-09-16 13:19:00 by sicjes

Hello everone,
So after years of using my prehistoric Yamaha rx11 drum machine I finally got my hands on a demo of Fruity Loops. I cut two quick tracks to get my feet wet. My first attempt resulted in the track ''Shadows on the lake'' and then I made ''Scrambled Eggs''.

With this door now open for me I will start writing and creating all kinds of new and wonderfull things.
My vacation starts in a couple of weeks and I will have months to just work on my music and other projects.

On a side note... This week-end Metallica is playing Montreal, I'm going to the show on the 19th, I'm so pumped up, I got sick, sick tickets.

2 more song from the SicJes Archives

2009-08-28 13:01:19 by sicjes

It's been a busy summer for me and I have not had much time to upload new stuff, I will be off on vacation soon and then will start hammering out all kinds of goodies. In the mean time, I uploaded two more oldies from a while back. Still some more on the way.

Another 2 oldies up and running

2008-11-10 10:08:06 by sicjes

So I've managed to upload a total of six songs so far from my old collection of works. They are all a bit moldy, but i can see some gold spots here and there. They were the "Beginning" So I look forward to kicking it into to high gear and dishing out some killer stuff for you all soon.

2 More Tracks Added

2008-11-08 19:15:43 by sicjes

I justed dusted off 2 more oldies from my collection of recordings for anyone who is interested.
One is an evil sort of gypsy score, the other is more of a hip hop thing with a sci-fi sounding theme.
I hope you like them.

First 2 songs up and running

2008-11-04 23:31:44 by sicjes

So if anyone cares, I finally got my first two songs up on the site. They are both from a long time ago and very soon I will have some new stuff to show you and maybe I'll dust off some old stuff like the other two. I hope you enjoy

Death Magnetic

2008-10-30 09:15:03 by sicjes

Don't listen to all that hype about "The bad Mastering job" and sound quality problems, just listen to the music, it's the best Metallica album ever.